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Unveil Your Spirit Messages

UnVeil Your Spirit Messages

What do your spirits have to say?

All of us have spiritual helpers trying to guide us from other dimensions. They have a bird's eye view of our lives, our purpose and what's coming up in the near future so they're sitting on some very valuable information.

In these hectic times with social media, excessive advertising and news outlets constantly fighting for our attention, it's hard to hear the faint messages coming from spirit, and as a result we can miss their helpful information.

Would you like to connect to your personal spirit guides and hear what they want to tell you about your purpose, relationships and struggles?

In this Workshop

Join my online workshop where I will guide you deeper into stillness in a 25min guided meditation, where you can expand your awareness and receive messages and healing from Spirit & your Higher Self.

As a Spiritual Healer and Psychic Reader I have the skills and experience to help each participant decode and understand how to apply the messages they have received. I will also open my psychic channels and allow spirit to come through and provide any extra information you may need to hear at this time.

Come and treat yourself in this upcoming workshop.


Platform: Zoom Conference Call
Duration: 60 to 105min
Price: donations accepted

Strictly limited seats, booking essential!

Workshop Date

Saturday 21st August 2021

8:00am PDT  (California)
11:00am EDT (New York)
5:00pm CEST (Amsterdam)
10:00pm ICT (Bangkok)
11:00pm AWST (Perth)

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