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UnCover Your Past Lives

Have you been here on earth before? Have you ever felt you knew someone before you even met them? Have you ever visited a place for the first time but somehow knew you have been there before?

Past lives is a fascinating topic and one that can reveal very interesting and healing information.

In this Workshop

In this online workshop we will discuss what are past lives, why we reincarnate and how your past lives affect you now. Did you know for example, that most people you have close relationships with in this life you have been together with in a past life?

Uncover Your Past Lives

Past Life Reading

During this workshop we will ask each participant to describe an unresolved difficulty or challenge that you are facing or have faced in life. We will then give a past life reading based on this challenge and describe how the past life(s) is influencing this challenge or blocking it from being resolved. We will describe when and where the past life was, what you did and the lessons that you may still need to learn from it. Finally we will then demonstrate how you can clear these past life influences for yourself, enabling you to move forward and beyond this challenge.

Have you been here before, come and find out!


Platform: Zoom Conference Call
Duration: 75 to 90min
Price: donations accepted

Strictly limited seats, booking essential!


Workshop Date

Saturday 5th June 2021

7:30am PDT  (California)
10:30am EDT (New York)
4:30pm CEST (Amsterdam)
9:30pm ICT (Bangkok)
11:30pm AEST (Sydney)

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