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Better Relationships

Better Relationships

Set YourSelf Free Series

Are past relationships holding you back? Do find your relationships are repeating negative patterns? Could you have a better relationship with yourself? Come join this workshop to enjoy healthier and happier relationships.

Starting with Ourselves

As relationships reflect back to us our own beliefs and feelings, we can dramatically improve our relationships by working on ourself first, and it is a great starting point to release what no longer serves us. We can rarely change others, however we do have the power to change what we feel in relationships, how we react to others and how we let them treat us.

Unwanted Beliefs

Often it is our beliefs that are sabotaging our happiness, beliefs such as “I am not good enough for love”, or “I cannot trust them to stay”, or “it is your fault I feel this way”.

Such beliefs are held in place by unresolved negative feelings, and it is the combination of these beliefs and their underlying feelings that will negatively influence how we feel around others.

Such negative beliefs can come from society, family or past relationships and are often lodged deep down in our sub-consciousness where they affect everything we do, influencing our habits, decisions and how we live our life. They have often been there for so long that we're no longer consciously aware of them.

Clearing Beliefs

If these beliefs and their underlying feelings are identified, brought up for scrutiny and are then felt and processed - your ability to experience happier relationships will vastly improve. That is, if you are no longer influenced by negative feelings and beliefs, you can feel safer and more confident with others, be more open to their love and set clearer boundaries.

But how can we find the negative beliefs that are causing our unhappiness in relationships if we're not consciously aware of them?

In this Workshop

This is where we can help you as we are psychic empaths and are able to identify and access your beliefs and feelings even when you are not aware of them. By then working with your negative feelings we are able to help you permanently clear these beliefs and their limiting patterns at their root. As we are fully empathic we help process these feelings for you too, so by working together in this way we can clear your limiting beliefs, so you will be lighter and freer with a clearer perspective on how you can create happier relationships in your life.

Set YourSelf Free

Based on our Releasing Hypnosis technique, this workshop is an experiential process and we will interact with everyone individually and as a group to ensure you can be happier in your relationships.


Platform: Zoom Conference Call
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours
Price: donations accepted

Strictly limited seats, booking essential!

Workshop Date

Saturday 18th September 2021

7:00am PDT  (California)
10:00am EDT (New York)
4:00pm CEST (Amsterdam)
9:00pm ICT (Bangkok)
10:00pm AWST (Perth)

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