A combined healer, therapist and counselor approach


... set your self free

Spiritual Healer | Energy Therapist
Chiang Mai - Koh Samui - Thailand

We specialize in rapidly clearing negative emotions and thinking patterns, disturbing habits,
poor health and Past Life issues. While we draw on the same strengths utilized by  traditional
healers, therapists and  counselors, what  truly stands us apart is  our  unique  empathy  and
psychic skills, combined with our spiritual mastery, that enables us to directly  clear problems
at their root, allowing you to enjoy your happiness again. We are specialists in Releasing, a
unique spiritual healing that is also an energy therapy; available in Chiang Mai, on  Samui
Island and Skype. Start a happier life today with our services below. Set your self free..


Are you stuck?   Do  you  have
health problems?  Or  are  you
repeating  behaviors,  thoughts
and feelings from the past?

Releasing Hypnosis clears your
problems at the root by directly
accessing the truth in your body.


Confidently resolve situations,
make life decisions and  claim
your dreams.

Gain valuable insights as  we
utilize our healing & spiritual
experiences  to  help  you
follow  your  path.


Open  yourself  to  new
possibilities and to experience
greater joy and love in your in
life in one of many workshops.


Helping You

in clearing fears, anxiety, anger,
sadness, confusion, insomnia and

Also healing painful emotions,
internal struggles, personal
relationship issues, negative
habits and addictions, restoring
health and removing limiting beliefs.

Feel Better

Releasing coupled with hypnosis
lets you feel relieved, stable,
calm, peaceful, a sense of clarity
and a trust that comes with
greater awareness.


and Detox

Detoxing, then Releasing is an
ideal holistic therapy, supporting
you to quickly clear all the
unresolved emotions that arise
during your detox.