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NDepth Tarot Readings

With more than 15 years of experience in reading aura’s, emotional bodies and future potentials, NDepth Tarot Readings offers an in depth look at one’s past and current situation while outlining future possibilities and opportunities.

As psychic empaths with years of experience in  spiritual and emotional healing, we can offer you extensive clairvoyant guidance and support, including how you can

  • make successful personal and business decisions
  • build a financially rewarding career
  • and resolve uncertainty and provide direction in your love life.


Our psychic readings are supported by the use of Tarot Cards and enable you to confidently resolve situations and follow your dreams, with each one on one reading including messages from your Angels and details on your Past Lives.


Psychic Tarot Readings

  • 10 card mini or specific question
  • 30 and 60 minute private readings
  • Past Life Readings
  • Messages from your Spirits & Angels


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"He connected me with grand dad. Amazing, nobody has ever brought him through before. For sure you won’t be disappointed." - Patti M.

“Everything he said was on point!! I had goose bumps and was in tears. Awesome reading!” - Brandy N.

"His past life reading was amazing, very clear and detailed. He is a very gifted man, I would highly recommend him to anyone !!" - Jemma B.