Healing with Spirit

Healing with Spirit

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening

Open to Spirit within You

Have you ever wondered... How to be who I truly am? How to let my inner light  shine through? How to deepen my connection in consciousness?

There are many answers to these questions. But one noble truth that can not be overlooked is that we must know who we truly are. To know this requires us to let go of what we are not. To let go of our identification with our bodies, thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Releasing removes the layers to reveal
the essence of you.”

Releasing helps you let go of your attachment to your emotions, thoughts and beliefs. By releasing what is often negative emotions and beliefs you create a space within yourself, a space that allows spirit to fill and shine in and through your life. And it is from this space that allows you to be truly present, in the here and now.

“As you release your past it leaves you
 feeling peaceful, connected,
confident and loved.”

For when we hold onto pain and beliefs from past experiences, even unconsciously, it promotes further identification with our thoughts and emotions, as well as creating negative beliefs and behavior patterns. This leads to an increase in suffering and thus pulls us further and further from our essence. This negative cycle can can cause health and relationship problems, anxiety, depression, addictions and low self-esteem to name a few.

“Many key issues in your life today are
from unresolved situations in Past Lives.”

We can also carry emotional baggage from past lifetimes which affects us  now. There is always a connection between our unresolved issues from past lifetimes and issues we have now. Working with past lifetimes can help our current life and the way we feel about ourselves right now. Thus releasing past lifetimes is a very healing and enlightening experience.

We are all deepening our connection with spirit. Sometimes this awakening can be scary, painful and overwhelming as our emotional baggage is also awakened and brought to our awareness. Only by letting go of this emotional baggage can we truly be who we are. Spirit.

Assist your Awakening with Releasing

Assist your awakening process by Releasing
 your past