Healing with Detox

Healing with Detox

Detox with Releasing Hypnosis

Improve Your Detox in Chiang Mai

Detoxing is a great way to improve our well-being. However during a detox many people fail to take good care of their emotional needs as they primarily focus on their physical body. For what many people don’t realize is that a detox not only clears the stored ‘poisons’ in our body but it also stirs up the emotions that are held with it.

“Releasing can help you to
clear these stirred up emotions.”

People are often shocked by these stirred up emotions and don’t understand why they are having them during a detox. These emotions are unresolved issues that were held in the body and are now surfacing during the detox, offering you a wonderful opportunity to clear these emotions. Often these stored emotions, some of which may have been held unconsciously, are the drivers that cause our dysfunctional behaviour so clearing them offers us so many positive benefits on many levels, including the ability to feel more free and content with ourselves.

How to Improve your Detox

To truly maximize your detox holistically you should ideally give yourself an opportunity to release these emotions.

“Allow yourself to feel
 the emotions as they arise”

When you give yourself permission to be still and be with your emotions, this allows you to heal and clear your emotional body. This provides you with a deeper sense of peace in your life by clearing negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

So in order to gain the most from your detox you should be in a calm and quiet environment, as this supports you in connecting with your body and feelings. If you keep yourself distracted, such as hanging out with friends or playing on the computer, you can easily disconnect yourself from the deeper emotions that arise through the detox, disconnecting yourself from the emotions that are wanting to be acknowledged.

“Ignore at Own Risk..”

If however the arising emotions are not acknowledged, the same unresolved emotional energy is placed back in the body for another future opportunity to be cleared. This is undesirable as illnesses are created by the underlying emotion first, whereby suppressing emotions creates an opportunity to develop an illness.

“If I don’t do Emotions..?”

If you're one of the many people who find it is difficult to truly access and  clear your emotions then this is just one of the many ways in which we can help you.

Complete your Detox with Releasing

A Releasing session ensures that you are safely in touch with the emotions arising through your detox, removing any need to suppress and store them back into your body. You will be given full support to understand the lessons that come with the emotions and then gently let these emotions go.

“A Releasing session uses this wonderful
 detox opportunity to clear out all
the trapped negative feelings.”

During a detox process a person is energetically more open than usual, allowing a Releasing session to go even deeper in clearing out emotional disturbances. Finally, enjoy more of your holiday time in Thailand as Releasing dramatically speeds up the clearing of the uncomfortable feelings from your detox.

Improve your Detox with Releasing

Improve your
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