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Uma R.
06/30/2023 11:06:09 am

Big Panic Released

I had very good sessions with Releasing Hypnosis.

I experienced a great relief of a big panic I had and felt very calm after and since it. Also we did very good releasing on my family where I felt much lighter afterwards.

So I can very much recommend Releasing Hypnosis to get rid of old heavy emotional stuff which is blocking your life quality.

Thanks to you!!

Susan W.
01/31/2023 10:01:47 pm

Profound Impact

I have recently had a releasing healing session...the experience had a profound impact on me and I was able to release many layers of past and present emotional trauma.

Many of my issues are trust related and with this loving and sincere healer guiding me I was able to release things I have held onto for far too long...

Would I recommend Releasing Hypnosis..a resounding YES!

AnnMarie B.
08/13/2022 10:08:54 pm

Feeling my Best Self

Releasing Hypnosis is a wonderful healer!!

I worked with him since June 2020 and watched him use his spiritual gift, which allows him to tune in to my spirit and identify where there are blocks in my pain-body that keep me from feeling my best self.

So far we've uncovered many blocks together and I'm feeling much more calmness in my life as a result. I've had a lot of childhood and adult life trauma, so I didn't expect to have such a drastic change, but he is proving to me that energy is always changeable and where you have trauma, he can assist in your healing!

I'm so beyond grateful for his special intuitive guidance in my life and wanted to share how much I appreciate his support in my journey.

Kristen S.
05/26/2022 09:05:56 pm

Clear Your Burdens from the Past

They are amazing healers!

I have worked with Releasing Hypnosis twice this past few months and they are truly gifted and so far have been spot on, they have helped me uncover many blocks that have caused me a lot of burden and I'm feeling a lot more at peace with my past and don't feel as heavy or stuck in my life!

I have had a lot of unfortunate childhood trauma that had lead me to trust issues and anger issues. With their help I feel the burdens of my childhood that held me back was brought to the surface so that I can make amends with my past and free myself from the anger and lack of trust that has been holding me back.

I can feel the changes as I am able to connect to my feelings in such a more positive way and not get so excited or frustrated as easy. They can assist in healing on so many levels. I'm so thankful for their help and I am grateful I've had the opportunity to be able to work with them in so many ways.

Releasing Hypnosis have truly a special intuitive guidance and is worth working with if you really want to change.

Love, peace and many blessings

Reena B.
02/17/2022 09:02:22 pm

Release What No Longer Serves You

I felt in very good hands & safe space in a recent healing session. Releasing Hypnosis guided me to uncover & release childhood wounds that still manifested into my adult life and were holding me back from reaching my full potential.

I feel much more whole, joyful and less burdened and the process continues as my memory is jolted to discover more of what lay hidden for so long.

I happily recommend a Releasing Hypnosis session, as he will assist you greatly on your healing journey with empathy, care and spiritual guidance. As a woman, I felt completely safe to become vulnerable & visit painful places and release what does not serve me any longer.

Sadia I.
11/03/2021 08:11:26 pm

Feel Whole Again

Releasing Hypnosis was highly recommended by a trusted female friend. I've had horrendous experiences in the past with intuitive healers so I was very skeptical. Also I tend to seek out women therapists and healers.

On first meeting via Skype, I was resistant to this white man. What could he offer me, a woman of colour with wildly different life experiences? I was proved wrong on many counts!

He practices intuitive healing and has a solid ethical base grounded in healing values. He honoured my individuality and diversity, demonstrated a deep level of empathy and offered the irrefutable truth.

After the session, he sent me an email with a lot of resources, which have been very helpful. The session offers value for money and is over two hours long; you will work with a magical man who will support you to feel whole again.

Your mind/ego may feel resistant to any change but your body and soul will be truly grateful. Go well.

Tricia N.
05/24/2021 09:05:07 am

When the Soul is Ready, the Healer Appears

I stumbled across Releasing Hypnosis over FaceBook in the most unusual way, and I'm ever so grateful that I did.

I've been uncomfortably aware for quite sometime that I needed to do some inner working and releasing, my soul has been ready but my ego resisted, still too untrusting to let go and be vulnerable, wanting to keep those broken pieces safely and painfully tucked away. I have a lot of childhood trauma and trust issues with men.

I have done 3 sessions so far, and the difference is incredible.

I've been very aware that I've been extremely detached from my body for quite some time, likely since childhood, but I didn't realize just how much I lived outside of my body, disconnected from my feelings and from self, until we had our first session. He is sensitive, soothing, fully engaged, and is able to hold space for you while you uncover what is wounded and release it to the surface. He is gentle, and he is able to identify right away where the trauma stems from.

I will say this for certain: 1 session with him did what couldn't be done in years of therapy, counseling, and life coaching. He is truly gifted, caring, experienced and dedicated to his work and I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude enough. I still have much work to do, but the work that has been done in these 3 sessions make me feel like a whole person again, not like a machine on autopilot.

Not all who wander are lost, so if you have stumbled across him, that's your sign that when the soul is ready, the healer appears, and what a brilliant one he is.

Katrena B.
04/02/2021 10:04:08 am

Massive Progression

I have had two sessions of releasing so far. I came across NDepth Tarot Readings as I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and he was doing live readings from spirit.

I suffer from PTSD which is a life time of trauma! So my journey with will take a long time. But the progression within my self-esteem in just two sessions has been massive!

He is a true healer! I use to see him (and still do) as a healer just through his readings with mediumship and tarot. And the releasing that has come with it has been beyond amazing!

So I cyber met him in April 2020. I wanted to connect with my uncle whom passed away. After the basic read I went for many more! Then I found out in June that my grandfather fell unwell, and unfortunately he passed away the same month..... I went to him leading up to his passing and he guided me through this and I had the strength to let life take its course. I let go and within 24 hours he passed away and somehow this wonderful healer gave me the strength to turn his funeral into a day of celebration for me and I still can't get over how amazing this sad loss has ended up being.

I will be forever grateful for coming across this amazing man and I encourage others going through grief or trauma to connect with him :-)

Thanks so much, you have a true gift !!

Paula W.
02/05/2021 08:02:28 am

What a Gem!

If you are dealing with any health, relationship or money issues, bad memories or traumas, or just feel stuck in life I highly recommend a releasing session.

I had my first session back in 2013 and it completely changed my life. He can identify the underlying reasons to why you feel like you do or why your life plays out the way it does. You'll get an understanding of why things are happening and what to do about it. Many issues can be resolved within one session. Heavy stuff might need a couple.

Releasing Hypnosis has helped me understand and solve my karmic debts and life lessons, which has allowed me to get married, save a lot of money and heal my health issues. I'm not exaggerating, this man is a true gem!

If you've found Releasing Hypnosis then you've stumbled on a treasure. And your Higher Self has probably directed you here because there is something he can help you solve. So go for it! Book a session. I can guarantee your life will change to the better!

Connie P.
11/16/2020 08:11:47 am

Put the Finger on What's Lacking in your Life

He used his Hypnosis Releasing techniques with his gift of intuition to identify and release emotional blocks I didn't even know I was carrying.

It was very apparent that these blocks were holding me back. I highly recommend this healing modality for anyone who feels stuck, unhappy or even if you can't put your finger on what's lacking in your life.

I look forward to working with him again and a future clear of past emotional baggage.

Trudy M.
03/16/2020 09:03:24 pm

Amazing Past Life Reading

First of all....wow. The Past Life Reading was amazing!

The life about Native American Indians....my maternal side goes way back to where my great great great grandmother was an Indian princess and I've always been intrigued with the culture, like I automatically understand it without even knowing much about it.

The life where I was a passenger in a car and was crippled in the accident, in this life I detest being a passenger, I always insist on driving because one of my biggest fears is a driver wrecking a car with me as the passenger.

The life where I left home to care for someone else's horses and animals, I've always had a very deep connection to the animal world and as a small child, I would tell my mom about my life before when I took care of the horse stables. Wow!

Thank you again, so much for this!!

Laura C.
11/12/2019 09:11:15 am

Continue Your Path

I highly recommend releasing hypnosis to heal your heart and your pain.

It is a good and intense experience to be better and continue your path in the right way!

Estefania W.
07/21/2019 07:07:49 am

Opening Doors

I just recently had a session and it helped me open my mind and realize that emotions play such a crucial part in our overall health. We are so use to not talk about our feelings and become so out of tune with it that we put so much hidden stress in our bodies.

I must say that I have never been to therapy before and when anxiety came in my life in such a strong and sudden way I was feeling completely lost. Looking for a way to heal/talk/find a solution to my "problem" I came across Releasing Hypnosis and it helped me so much to finally open the door to my emotions.

I felt relaxed and in a safe place, he was very patient to talk to and he truly gets into your emotions with you.

Thank you!

Nurah M.
01/28/2019 10:01:25 pm

Falling into Place

I am still quite affected from yesterday and feel lighter and lighter...I'm very happy to have FINALLY found out about the deeper issues in my life! So much starts to fall into place.

Thanks again for a very important work you did with me!! I have told about you to quite some people, maybe they aren't ready yet-- well, its changing things on a deep plane, so ofcourse it can be frightening...I'm so happy I finally found you and was able to meet you in person.

take care

Trish T.
10/04/2018 09:10:18 pm

Big Processing

Thank you so much!

Right now I feel a little like the busy wheel that comes up on my computer while its processing big things... I look forward to this healing journey, and thank you for the links etc.

best regards

Floor M.
07/19/2018 01:07:08 am

Reiki Healing Session

Thank you again for the wonderful Reiki healing session, I feel so good today :-)

It was truly powerful for me. It cleared a lot of negative stuck energy and I feel more clear and focused in my mind. I was also really impressed by your capabilities to guide me this deep in one session.

I was overwhelmed afterwards, but in a good way!

Ian L.
06/23/2018 04:06:03 pm

An Enormous Difference! I want others to benefit from your Gift

Hi Releasing Hypnosis,

I just had to write to say a massive thank you for the session we did in Chiang Mai back in February 2018.

This year I turn 60 and after a lifetime of personal development and searching for answers to some of my grief, depression and low self esteem. I finally now know that I have been released from the prison of anger that dictated my behavior for so many years.

Many, many times I had tried over the years to deal with severe anger towards my father and sometimes I felt as though something had worked. However on every occasion it was only a matter of days before I started to fall back into old patterns.

Your very presence was calming, your method quite unique. I am not easily impressed or shaken, however what took place for me that day was more than I could ever have expected. I have had so many extraordinary experiences in my life it would take a book to share them all, this experience I had with you was by far the most healing!

I know we will work together again and the prospect of this excites me as I know how powerful the changes have been from one session. My wife of thirty years comments often how much I have changed for the better.

I can talk about my father now without feeling the extremely intense negative emotions that would always come up in the past. Other relationships have been explained to me and I have been able to let go of so much baggage and I have been able to truly forgive. My strong emotions around Wat Chedi Luang (a temple in Chiang Mai) were revealed and this was also so liberating to finally just Understand.

Thank you so much for being the incredible unique human being that you are. Never hide your talents from the world, we need more people like you and more love on this planet.

Thank you again!

Irina M.
03/27/2018 11:03:55 am

Gifted and Authentic

Buckle up folks because my testimonial is kind of long (I have a hard time being concise).

My backstory: I went at one point to Chiang Mai and decided to do some spiritual work. I booked a session with Releasing Hypnosis. I felt safe during my sessions with him and he had this uncanny intuition to ferret out just the right issues that had been festering along, hidden away in my psyche. Some cathartic crying happened and I was able to free myself of a lot of emotional gunk after only a couple of sessions.

After these first sessions I went back home and decided to continue doing an online session once a blue moon for maintenance. It's been working nicely for me and I sometimes hijack these sessions and treat them as talk therapy. He's a good listener and he's genuinely caring, so that works.

Also, I really appreciate how authentic and down to earth he is and, even though he never pointed that out himself, I can see that he has a really strong code of ethics by which he runs his practice. So a big plus from me for this! It always rubbed me the wrong way when I saw within the larger alternative healing community behavior which I perceived as disingenuous or even unethical. I was glad not to find any trace of that in my sessions with Releasing Hypnosis. Besides being gifted as a healer, the fact that he is trustworthy weighs for me almost as much.


Matias U.
01/08/2018 08:01:43 pm

You've Helped Me the Most

Hi Releasing Hypnosis,

I came to see you for grief surrounding my fathers death and found your approach extremely effective. By the end of the session I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted from my mind.

I have had several different therapies but nothing has helped as much as the releasing session I had with you.

Thank you so much for your help.

Aron E.
09/25/2017 10:09:55 pm

Life Changing

Releasing Hypnosis,

Thank you so much for your tremendous help today. I really appreciated that you took the time to do that and what you told me was super helpful. I am already feeling much more present and calm and have been much more connected with myself. Your help has been life changing!!

I am also so grateful for what you made me realize and I will continue to focus on my emotions and feelings as my priority and see where it takes me.

Thanks so much again and hope to meet up with you again sometime.

Best regards

Anne R.
05/30/2017 08:05:34 am

Deep Inner Strength

Hi Releasing Hypnosis

When I said I felt good the day after the healing session, what I meant was: I felt really good! Lighter and also felt so strong - it was an unfamiliar feeling for me to feel such deep inner strength. Thank you so much for your powerful healing, I am grateful.

Also, since that day I'm coming across articles and people who all talk about the importance of feeling. It's new territory for me, as I've buried my feelings for so long and so I see the healing session with you as an important part of my spiritual journey and change.

Best wishes

Sabine K.
01/12/2017 09:01:34 pm

Powerful and Supporting

I have had five sessions with Releasing Hypnosis over the past five months, and I have found them to be extremely powerful and sustainably supporting.

Working with him has helped me to access my emotions on a completely new and much deeper level, enabling me to work through transitions in my life with more clarity, ease and resilience. During the sessions he is excellent at holding space and creating an atmosphere of safety and trust.

I am very grateful to be able to work with him, and I have to say that Skype sessions have proven to be just as effective as the in person meetings.

Jenna I.
12/15/2016 10:12:37 pm

Boundless Gratitude

Releasing Hypnosis,

Thank you so much for the session today. It was a very powerful experience both emotionally and physically.

Thank you!

Blythe N.
09/26/2016 10:09:20 pm

It All Makes Sense

Dear Releasing Hypnosis,

First of all, thank you again for the session last Saturday morning. It helped me a lot and still helping me. Every single word you said and made me repeat made sense and even more made me feel.

I get the message, I guess I need a bit more time for my cells and soul to print it "for ever". I still have some questions, but I guess I will always have, until I put the thinking in 2nd position behind the feeling and connection to my higher self !

Thanks a lot.

Alice E.
06/17/2016 10:06:31 am

In the Flow

Hi Releasing Hypnosis,

Thank you for your interesting links!

I must say that I feel much more relaxed since the releasing session, more grounded and my mind is more clear! I feel less stuck and are more in the action! It seems that I'm jumping in the river more and more!

Thank you for your help!

Tabitha R.
03/14/2016 09:03:09 pm

Weaning off Prescription Drugs

Hi Releasing Hypnosis,

I wanted to report that I have been feeling much better after our session, I feel lighter and more present. I am working on slowly weaning off the anti depressants and I should be fine with the help of all the resources you've just given me.

Once again, Thank You for sharing your gift with me!


Mind D.
12/13/2015 10:12:23 pm

Important Year

Thank you very much Releasing Hypnosis. I am so grateful that I have met you before the most important year of my life.

I am very happy that you helped me to feel my feelings and I can feel that I am not lonely anymore. My thoughts that I must be able to do literally everything by myself is also fading away because you have shown me that compassion and the need of help from others and offering help is not 'weak' but conversely it is truly the right and courageous thing to do.

From your help I am understanding more and more everyday that sensitivity is not weak, but it is a desirable trait that helps us to thrive best in our own way. I am truly blessed to know you. The materials will help me a lot.

best wishes

Daniel E.
09/10/2015 02:09:05 pm

Full of Hope

Hi Releasing Hypnosis

I'm very grateful for your work, the last session was very intense, full of hope and new perspective for my life.

Very grateful again for your commitment to your work and this method.

Best salutations

Ciara I.
05/12/2015 09:05:17 am

So Intuitive

Hello Releasing Hypnosis!

I am still so so excited about the private session that we had. I really appreciated for your time and your gift.You are so intuitive!!!

Thank you again and good night!

Melissa N.
02/02/2015 02:02:45 pm

Amazing Work

I felt moved to tell you Releasing Hypnosis about how I've been affected by your amazing work.

Today I was trying to work some feelings out and your words came to mind: Most people don't want to feel their feelings. They blame the person who triggered those feelings, instead of thanking them for showing them what they were.

Well, I saw that I certainly didn't want to feel my feelings, because they were painful and uncomfortable. So I remembered the work you did with me and did it with myself. I identified the similarities between how I was reacting to the current situation and how I had reacted when I was younger, when I didn't get my needs met. Then I asked myself how I would respond to the current situation had I gotten those needs met in the past.

And I was struck by how powerful this process is, even when there is not another person there to help guide it. True, it is much more helpful when there is a guide, but even in its diluted form, it is a perspective-altering tool. Simply amazing that you created this work and have the ability to do it so well.

So I wanted to tell you that, in appreciation for all you do for me and for others.
Hope you are doing well.

Tom M.
01/05/2015 10:01:23 pm

Feel Like Heaven

I feel better than ever or heaven yeaaa should I say. Thx so much that was definitely an important step in my journey.

I'll be seeing you someday in the future!
Thx for the self-releasing help too.

Live long and prosper
Peace out

Lauren N.
11/25/2014 10:11:13 am

I Feel Great

Hi Releasing Hypnosis, I feel quite a change in character since our last session, I feel great: much more patience, less stressing myself, more tolerant with everything and more compassion for my mother.

I thank you so much for your healing!

kind regard

Angeline C.
10/20/2014 10:10:48 am

Life Constellations Workshop

Thank you for the work today. It was amazing and really interesting!

I still feel tired and emotional but I'm glad I did this life constellation. It was very strong to represent a participants mum as well. I have no doubts everything is still unfolding.

Thanks, see you

Christian C.
09/20/2014 10:09:40 pm

Great Talk

Just a quick message to say a big thank you for today's talk - I found it very interesting, and great to share experiences with the group.

Hope to see you soon!

Best wishes,

Stacy C.
09/09/2014 11:09:25 am

Back to Sleep

Thank you for the follow up email, I really appreciate it. My sleep has slowly gotten better since I saw you and I am working on continuing to release some of those not-so-scary anxieties I've been neglecting.

So, thank you very much. The experience was memorable and I would even dare to say, life changing.

Love and kindness,

Peter O.
08/01/2014 09:08:16 am

Great Skype Session

Thanks for the great session, the releasing via Skype was just as good as when I was with you in Chiang Mai.


Its great to know this because sometimes I am scared I will get stuck with my crap but now I know you can still help me just as much, even though I am not in Chiang Mai.


Benadette W.
06/25/2014 10:06:27 am

Free and Happy

Thanks Releasing Hypnosis for the info, that will be helpful to me. Also thanks again for the session the other day, I feel free and happy.


Susan M.
02/04/2014 11:02:02 am

New Phase

Releasing Hypnosis, the session really helped so much, I can see now the messages I was ignoring in my life and just how important they are for me to listen to them. You connected me with emotions I didn't know I had, and I felt so much better and lighter in being able to clear them. Even now as I write this I am understanding more about myself and about the old patterns I had.

I find it amazing that you can so quickly direct me into my stuff and guide me to release it, and just as amazed at how real it felt to let it go, like warm electricity flowing around my body. I feel like I have started a new phase in life and I thank you for your amazing work.

God bless

John C.
12/10/2013 06:12:14 pm

Working So Well

I just wanted to thank Releasing Hypnosis for the help you gave me. Its working so well. I feel like a new person. Ive done the process again on several other things and hear your voice everytime. Thanks again, you are a very special person and it was an honour to meet you, I just wish we could have met up again.

Best wishes and thanks again, John.

Ray M.
10/06/2013 02:10:25 pm

Self Exploration

I met Releasing Hypnosis at a time when I was starting to deeply question some of the drive behind my constant seeking to find the "ideal" relationship. After several failed attempts, I was getting a sense that something connected with my childhood and my relationship with my mother was playing out and I wanted to explore this in depth in a session.

Releasing Hypnosis understood my situation from the beginning and was gentle, caring and very sensitive to my feelings of hurt and anxiety around the issue. In our session, he spent some time guiding me to release feelings and beliefs and helped me connect to times in my past that I would never have remembered on my own. Then, using some hypnosis, I was able to enter a very relaxed state and go even deeper into some of my subconscious thoughts and patterns and see them for what they are. At all times, I felt cared for and knew that I could step out if I wanted to, although this was not the case.

I feel very grateful to him for the support he has given me and am happy to recommend him to anyone who wants to understand themselves better or wants to shift from repeating patterns that cause pain or suffering.

John D.
09/11/2013 09:09:03 am

Life Changing Experience

Before reaching out to seek guidance from Releasing Hypnosis, I'd endured years of suffering due to numerous life events, especially those relating back to my childhood.

This resulted in depression, anxiety, confusion, insomnia and pain. I sought help from psychologists the best my country had to offer, but rather than try to understand and fix the problem, they prescribed medication, ultimately leading me down a road of antidepressants. This created a new problem where I became dependent on the prescription medicine, which have numerous side effects. I was not really living, just existing.

Through an unexpected chain of events, I was pointed in the direction of Releasing Hypnosis. I was skeptical at first, as I had countless sessions with the so called experts. Thankfully, however, I made the decision to schedule an appointment with him.

The experience was unparalleled, he has an unique ability to tap into your feelings and emotions, highlight the source of issues or circumstances which are causing you stress, discomfort etc. He achieves this with limited information which in itself is remarkable. All this is done in a comfortable, controlled environment.

I've spent years searching for answers, but after only one session with Releasing Hypnosis, numerous changes have taken place, clarity of thought, self awareness, increased self esteem to name just a few. Just one hour with him helped me more than my many years of therapy.

I would strongly encourage anybody seeking guidance or help to contact Releasing Hypnosis, because believe me, it will be a life changing experience.

Lastly, I'd just like to express my sincere thanks for enabling me to get my life back and start living again. You've a special gift and I hope more people will take advantage of it.

Kind regards

Fla Geyser
08/07/2013 11:08:00 pm

Past Life issues & Emotional Blocks

I have now been to see Releasing Hypnosis on two occasions for two very different issues. I must say, on both occasions I experienced him as notably kind, caring and attentive.

During the sessions I felt very understood, supported and safe and this made it possible for me to access and share my deeper emotions. His natural clairvoyant ability helped me immensely since it meant I was able to both validate the things I was experiencing, as well as receive insight and clarity to my issues.

Sometimes I really battle to understand to see my own feelings and see them objectively and I was ever so relieved to receive greater awareness that I really needed in order to heal. The second session I had was very powerful and dramatic since I released some deep and strong emotions and experienced some big shifts in my perception.

About two days after this session I felt much more open, relaxed and at peace with myself. I am very grateful to have been so lovingly supported during these sessions.

Thankyou for the amazing work you are doing. You are such a gem!

S. Madsen
07/02/2013 10:07:23 am

Healing the Soul

I had 3 sessions with Releasing Hypnosis in Chiang Mai. It was a beautiful journey in past life experience and a positive emotional confrontation with my fears and anxieties. For me it was both a time of healing my soul and finding peace in my own skin and getting an understanding of my innerself. Im very grateful for the work and the progress we did together.

Now I feel more at ease and have a better understanding of who I am and why I became the person I did

For me those sessions and the benefit from it have given a very positive impact to my life. I enjoyed both the hypnosis part of the sessions as well as the work with releasing tensions/fears and the past life experiences. To me it isnt important if past life experience is a fact or not...it made sense to me and it helped me....that is enough for me.

Im grateful for Your work Releasing Hypnosis.

David Sanders
06/19/2013 01:06:00 pm

Thank you Releasing Hypnosis from Atlanta, USA

I had a very emotional and life-changing session with Releasing Hypnosis in Koh Samui. Many internal struggles and problems were dealt with. He is a very gifted being. Would love for you to come to Atlanta and help people in releasing work.


Nina S.
05/22/2013 12:05:04 pm


His Releasing and Hypnosis therapy came to my attention when I saw his poster in Pun Pun. I did not know him before but my first impression of him as a calm and thoughtful person proved to be true. It was very pleasant to work with him and easy to trust. During all times (even before or after the sesssions) and in every situation I felt very well cared and protected.

Although it might be too early to tell how and if things shifted sustainably, I experienced that at the same time when I had some subtle anxieties on the following day after our session I was in the innermost core somehow more stable and calm than before. This way it is easier to face them and deal with this kind of feelings.

What I specifically liked about him was his ability of disrooting my scepticism in certain points (e.g. how true are these stories of past lifes, if it is not proovable) with his honest, modest and simple way of explaining his point of view: Whether these things really happened doesn't matter that much as long as it helps to let go of whatever blocks and harms us.

Thank you, Releasing Hypnosis!

Chie H.
12/02/2012 08:12:38 pm

Awakening & deepened my spiritual gifts:

I had private hypnotherapy sessions with Releasing Hypnosis. From the first session. I was just so amazed to experience Trance-stage so deeply and be able to receive spiritual messages.

My desire of having hypnotherapy with Releasing Hypnosis was to open up my spiritual gifts more deeply & widely. (I grew up with my spiritual gifts when I was small) I didn't know what to expect with the first session but I was surprised that his spiritual guides and others appeared. The spiritual guides gave me suggestions and advice when I was going through deep trance.

Even after the first session, I was receiving many other spiritual guidance and messages through my dreams & meditation. I definitely feel that my mind somehow activated spiritually with many levels after this session.

His professionalism, his guidance and his positive words was very helpful. When I was in trance he gave me great influence for my spiritual awakening. I am very happy with the Releasing Hypnosis sessions!

Paul Monson
11/22/2012 12:11:14 pm

Profound Healing Experience

I recently (Nov. 2012) had a hypnotherapy session with Releasing Hypnosis. The reason for the consultation was confusion in a work-related area of life. After listening attentively to my issue, he explained the hypnotherapy process and provided the treatment. It was my first time receiving hypnotherapy, and I did not know exactly what to expect.

I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout and can give my highest recommendation.Following the treatment, I felt immediate stress relief and greater sense of clarity. Later on, I experienced continued benefits in my issue.

I would recommend this treatment to anyone ready to make a change, feeling stuck, or who has some issue they would like to work on. It's also very relaxing so may work well for someone without an immediate problem they are working on.

Murray Reid
11/14/2012 09:11:57 am

Sinus Relief and Easy Breathing

I am 75 years of age and have very frequently suffered from Rhinitis for many years. Recently I was diagnosed as also having 'Adult Asthma' as well. On top of this I was suffering from the effects of excessive pollution in the Chiang Mai area. All in all my respiratory system was not the greatest.

Releasing Hypnosis hypnotized me and gave me a very neat and effective process for me to use to clear my sinuses as well generally help ease my breathing. The process was an imitation of the use of 'Nasonex' by using my middle finger and plugging my other nostril. Before initiating the process I was to determine the time frame of the process. We started with a time frame of 4 hours. He gave the suggestion while I was in Trance that I could activate the process and would achieve the same result as if I had used 'Nasonex' in each nostril. He instructed me to use this whenever I needed the relief from my nasal obstruction.

While under Trance I did indeed get relief from the obstructions. I found however that 4 hours was too much at first. He had advised that I was to alter the time as required to achieve the desired result.After one week I had not had to use the 'Nasonex' except on one occasion. During the second week I did not use it at all and I had also decreased the amount of other drugs to a minimum. I can now get the affect for an 8 hour period and am still increasing the time frame.

There still are times when the nose seems to become plugged but by using this process I had been able to breath freely without the use of drugs and am looking forward to be able to use the process (middle finger at one nostril, plug the other and inhale deeply) resulting in the clearing of my nasal passages. I am sure that the more I use the 'process' the better it will be and the less I will have to use it.

Sompan K.
11/09/2012 12:11:45 pm


I got the insomnia problem a couple weeks ago. At first I woke up at 2.30 and could not go back to sleep. I never experienced this before. I met the doctor to check-up and it ends with the set of sleeping medication. I know that this is the right way as I really don't know how the medication will solve my insomnia and I think that it is like we order the automatic shut down for us to sleep without realize the real factors causing insomnia.

Meeting with Releasing Hypnosis, he asked me to clear myself with the concept of Hypnosis and asking for the possible stress and all worries, even the feeling during having insomnia that my doctor hardly made an attempt to jot it down on her note. I spent nearly 1 hour for hypnosis session. After the session, the first thing I experienced was the relief I've always dreamt of during 2 weeks of my stress from insomnia. All the worries were gone somewhere and they were replaced with will power that he helped me building them up with the trust and believe that I will be free from insomnia.

The more important thing to get rid of my worries is the will power that pulls me from the black pit of sadness, stress and gloomy moment caused by insomnia. I had lost my appetite during my insomnia and I gained it back after hypnosis session. I don't know if you can imagine how much delightful I am. He was also concerned about the result of the hypnosis as he asked me about the insomnia problem and how I could sleep. I gradually had a longer sleep. I can fall asleep easier, especially I had a more peaceful sleep and hardly awake during the nights. I gradually gain back my happiness as finally I can sleep like a log and get up when the clock alarms today.

Thank you Releasing Hypnosis for your concerns and all the good tips you help me solving the insomnia problem. He is a good listener and mind healer. He does show his tenderness and considerate care towards my problem.

Judy G
10/30/2012 11:10:02 am

Back on Track


Having been traveling around Asia for 4 years & had recently left a very painful relationship, I was feeling empty, lost, angry and stuck emotionally, physically and mentally. Although I have some therapeutic skills of my own, at this time, I was in a dark hole and just could not find a way out. I saw Releasing Hypnosis's flyer and knew immediately that this was what I needed.

Since first meeting him I was totally impressed. He has an amazing ability, not only to listen and tune into your world but he gets right down to the core, root cause, of your issues, allowing you to heal on every level.

I discovered and released many emotions and patterns connected to my past relationship (which interestingly, I also discovered had past life connections). After just a couple of sessions my anger had seized, I felt alive and whole again. And it seemed, almost immediate that my whole world opened up. Many new opportunities were (and still are) falling at my feet, without me having to do anything. And I feel back on track with my life, again.

I find the Releasing Hypnosis's approach exceedingly powerful and skillful. He's very professional, caring and empathetic. He seems to know exactly what needs to be done and has an uncanny way of saying just the right words, at just the right time. He's Amazing !

I highly recommend him to anyone who feels at all stuck !!
Have a bright path

Atma Glieca
06/21/2011 06:06:25 pm

A different person

I have had many sessions with Releasing Hypnosis over the past 3 to 5 years. In this time so many things shifted for me through releasing that I truly can say 'I am a different person now'.

I used to be very shy around people now I feel free to speak and act relaxed and be myself. I also used to worry a lot and could not fall asleep at night because my mind would just keep on going. Now I lay myself down and I fall asleep immediately. My trust in myself and in life has also increased immensely. I am not trying to figure so much out with my mind anymore and can just relax and trust that things work themselves out.

I have learned to release myself and when I feel blocked or covered I can now help myself. When I don't feel relaxed and happy then I know that there is something to release. This was a big realisation for me as it means that we people don't have to be a victim of life and that regardless of our circumstances we can feel free and joyful!!

Atma Glieca
The Netherlands

Jinna Yoje
06/21/2011 06:06:55 pm

Back Problems Gone

I had a back problem for many weeks sometimes it was so bad I could not move. I tried medicine and many massages but the pain would not go away.

One session wtih Releasing Hypnosis and my back problem disappreared.

Thank you so much :-)