Healing for Couples

Healing for Couples

Happier Relationships

Couples Counseling & Therapy

Relationships are an integral part of our lives and thus we can suffer terribly when our relationship with the significant other is under pressure. Couples can enter a downward spiral of an increasing sense of separation and find themselves unable to pull their relationship closer back together, each feeling possibly even more resentment, loneliness and hopelessness in the relationship.


When couples start to experience a rocky road in their relationship, usually the communication between them deteriorates. Often one or both of them may feel that it is pointless to express themselves, often not feeling heard, understood or that they are just wasting their time. This is where we can help!

Safely Speak Your Truth

As intuitive empaths we hold the space and tune into each person and help them to clearly express what it is they feel and what they want from the relationship.

Often people find it difficult to identify and express their feelings and as we are exceptional emotional feelers and readers, we can ensure that each person’s feelings are clearly and safely expressed, without blame or judgment.

For when blame or judgment enters the conversation the recipient tends to feel attacked or threatened, and thus feels the need to defend themselves and thereby closing their hearts and losing their ability for an open hearted connection with the other.

Reconnect Again

When a relationship starts to suffer it usually also means the individual does not feel heard or seen by the other. That is, the person does not truly feel acknowledged or their feelings understood and felt.

As many people have troubles with their own feelings, they find it even more difficult to truly feel the feelings of the other, and so as true empaths we can help the other to feel what their partner is expressing, including the love they still hold for each other.

Back to Love

In our Couples Counseling and Therapy sessions we remain completely neutral and unbiased, ensuring each person can express themselves and their feelings, while helping the other to hear and feel what their partner is expressing, thereby helping couples reconnect and rekindle their relationship.

We also draw on our combined 35 years plus of experience as releasing therapists, enabling us to offer clear guidance and suggestions in each session, giving couples a road map on how to cultivate their relationship and bring back the love for each other.


Sessions are based on the premise that each person is responsible for what they feel regardless of how they came to feel that way, thus each person is also responsible to deal and heal their own feelings & behaviors and need to be willing to work on themselves in order to work on their relationship.

Sessions can be held in person or via the internet and are 1.5 hours in duration or can be tailored to your suit your needs. Enjoy a happier relationship by contacting us for an appointment today.