The Art of Letting Go Series

Part 1- Why You Can’t Avoid Your Feelings

Emotions would have to be one of the hardest human experiences to understand and master. Sometimes we would like to avoid our negative emotions in order not to feel the pain, which does seem like a good idea. However I would like to explain why avoiding them is actually harmful and nor is it really possible to avoid your emotions.
Let me start with the myth that there is no need to feel these negative emotions, for if we don’t feel them then they must be gone. Unfortunately this is far from the truth.
When we ignore our emotions we are in fact suppressing them, storing the unprocessed memories and emotions in our body. They are held in the body awaiting for a future opportunity for it to be consciously felt, which then allows the emotions to be cleared.

Can not avoid your pain

If we continue to ignore our emotions our own body may dramatically draw our attention to these suppressed emotions by creating an illness, an accident or a relationship drama.

As I wrote on the Detox page, illnesses are created by an underlying emotion, so suppressing emotions creates an opportunity for these emotions to be later developed into an illness. In essence, illnesses are a wake-up call from your body stating that the body can no longer hold this unprocessed energy and you need to look at this emotional issue now. The illness is your body’s way of grabbing your full attention to the underlying emotional issue. Similarly with accidents and relationship dramas.

“Emotions come back from past lives”

And just as in life, in death we are also not free from our emotions. From my personal experiences coupled with performing past life regressions with clients, I have seen just how strong the negative emotions can be felt in this life, where the emotions are actually coming from previous lives. Upon death, you take your energy, your consciousness with you. So you may be able to avoid your emotions to some degree in this life, but you are missing an opportunity to clear it, and by avoiding it, you are adding this burden onto your soul, awaiting for it to be cleared in future lives.
Also I have seen that when we have left our body, we continue to experience emotions, just like we would if we were on earth. For example, some people become really angry at themselves for not making certain decisions in their life. So even after death, we experience emotions.

“Ignore at your own Risk”

So ultimately, you cannot escape from your emotions and nor is it a good idea. For if we ignore our emotions it is analogous to adding air to a balloon. With each emotion we ignore, we are filling a little bit more air into that balloon. This balloon will soon start to swell with pressure and this pressure can cause unhappiness via dysfunctional behaviours including addictions (work, drugs, food), habitual distractions (entertainment, computers, games) and closing our hearts (separate ourselves from people, love and self), in order to avoid feeling this pressure. But one day this balloon will pop, and when it does the intensity of the experience is far greater than dealing with the emotions as they occurred each day.
So the quicker we learn to accept and feel our emotions, the more powerful we become in clearing ourselves of our own negativity, allowing the essence of ourselves to shine through. For when we are comfortable in experiencing emotions, we are in fact comfortable with ourselves. It really is in your best interest to consciously feel and deal with your emotions as and when they occur.

Published: November 2013