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How to Choose a Healer (Summary)

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On Healing Techniques more...

  • There are many overlaps and similarities between the techniques, so don’t be too concerned in choosing a healer based on a healing technique.
  • The person offering the healing is far more important than the technique offered.
  • Can the healer be flexible? Ask what different approaches they can apply should their favourite healing approach not be successful?

The Healer more...

  • The healer’s consciousness is the transformational ingredient in the healing process.
  • The more genuine the healer is in their life the greater the transformational ingredient.
  • Does the healer walk their talk? Is their reputation or how they take care of their physical body/appearance aligned with their service? A way to gauge their authenticity  is to feel if they radiate a presence that is either calm, balanced or at peace.

Spirituality & Intuition more...

  • Intuitive guidance is what sets healers apart from western psychology. Does the healer have a spiritual and intuitive connection? One or two questions about past lives or guidance from angels will show you their connection with this.

Rapport more...

  • For an effective healing you will need a good rapport with the healer. Some healers offer a free short consultation, others offer free regular talks. These are good opportunities for you to meet the prospective healers and see who feels right for you.

Reputation and Popularity more...

  • Reputation and testimonials by previous clients is helpful.
  • Great marketing doesn’t mean a great healer, sometimes the reverse is true
  • A popular healer is not a sign that they are the right person for you.

Psychology more...

  • Can the healer provide important psychological insights? Without psychological understanding you may inadvertently repeat behaviours that will re-create the problem.
  • Ask if they can provide you insights into your behaviours and life situations linked to your past, karma, beliefs and feelings.
  • A good healer helps you grow in self-awareness.

About Healing in Chiang Mai more...

  • An alternative healing hub offering many opportunities for personal growth at a fraction of the cost back home.

How to Choose a Healer

Find the Right Healing for You

Find the Right Healer for YouThese days there is so much on offer, anything from the more well-known modalities such as Reiki and Hypnosis to some of the lesser known ones such as Cellular Release and Theta Healing. With all this promising to help you promote positive change in your life, it can be hard to know which healing technique or healer to choose.

On Healing Techniques

It is helpful to realise that most techniques offered are in essence trying to achieve the same goal for you. The techniques are aiding you to let go, clear or release something that is unwanted in your life, such as physical pain, over-weight, smoking addiction, unhappiness etc., to allow what is naturally you to come forth.

There are many similarities and overlaps between the techniques, where techniques have borrowed ideas from other modalities. Also over the years some of the original techniques have been copied and simply re-branded, making it sound like a new and exciting offering.

It is also useful to know that not all techniques work for all people all of the time. Techniques can work amazingly in the first session with many people, yet they can do very little for others.

“Good Healers don’t rely on a Technique.”

Thus the better healers will have a range of techniques to select from, knowing when to apply the right technique at the right time, even though they don’t advertise these techniques as part of their services. So in the world of techniques, the healer that can be flexible in their approach is the one that would probably serve you better. One easy way to know if your prospective healer is flexible is to simply ask what different approaches can they apply should their favourite healing approach not be successful?

With all this in mind, my suggestion is not to get too hung up about the techniques on offer, but look more closely at the person who is offering

The Healer

In my view, the healer themself is the key selection criteria. Almost anyone can learn the different healing techniques but not everyone can bring you into your deep healing space.

“The Healer matters most.”

It is the consciousness of the healer that matters most, it’s what this person brings into the session that provides the transformational space for your healing. This is not a technique but rather the healer’s state of being, for a healer cannot take you any further than their own level of consciousness. How conscious the healer is, is in relation to how fully they have opened their heart, how much they have spiritually awoken and how fully they are being authentic.

An example of what I am referring to lies within the Hypnosis field with the clich of the fat hypnotist. Now many people visit a hypnotist for weight loss, yet some hypnotists are clearly over weight themselves but are offering weight loss sessions to their clients. That is, they are not walking their talk. It is possible that these fat hypnotists can help some clients in their weight loss, but for the more difficult clients they would struggle, as their consciousness has not expanded enough to help themselves, thus they are not able to help others on that level.

How to know if the healer is authentic in their life? Other than reputation or physical appearance in terms of how well they take care of their bodies, one can get a feeling for it. A good way to gauge if they are aligned in their life is to feel if they radiate a presence that is either calm, balanced or at peace.

Spirituality and Intuition

One reason alternative healers are becoming popular is because they are free of the restricted ideas of traditional psychology and have opened themselves to spirituality. Again in my view it is imperative that the healer is open to spirituality and has access to their intuition for guidance in their healings. The support and guidance healers receive intuitively in their sessions is what sets them apart from traditional medicine and without the intuitive guidance received, the healing can be a bit like the blind leading the blind. As I stated earlier, the consciousness of the healer is the transformational ingredient in the session, and the more the healer is open to and guided by spirit, the more powerful they are. If the healer doesn’t advertise this intuitive and spiritual connection then one or two questions about past lives or guidance from angels will show you how spiritually and intuitively connected they are.


The dynamics between the healer and client is another important ingredient, where trust and open communication is vital for a powerful healing. Test the waters by contacting the healer to experience for yourself if you’re comfortable with this person. Remember healings can bring up very sensitive emotions and details, so you want to feel comfortable and safe with the person to allow this to happen. Emailing the healer doesn’t provide you much feedback on the rapport, but a short phone call will. Some healers offer a free consultation with the option to continue into a paid full session, others offer free regular talks so you can personally meet them. Both of these options are good opportunities for you to see which of the healers best feels right for you.

Reputation and Popularity

Reputation and testimonials by previous clients is a useful guide in choosing a healer. However a popular healer doesn’t mean they are the right healer for you. Some healers are popular because of effective marketing but in reality may not deliver a lot. The English proverb “empty vessels make the most noise” applies well here, where those that shout the loudest about how great they are often not.

“Often the quiet Healer is the unsung Hero.”

An unusual phenomena is that there is a large number of people who want to feel like they are helping themselves but actually want very little to change. Some healers become popular by targeting this lucrative group by offering shiny, glitzy courses and healings often using titles like “5 Fast Easy Steps to…” to attract this audience. These healers offer exactly what the clients want, a rather expensive experience that makes them feel good (for a very short time which means without permanent change or change in their consciousness). The clients feel good about themselves because they made a time and financial commitment and the healer makes them feel good by telling them things they like to hear. And this is all fine if that is the level you are seeking, but if you are seeking deeper change then please keep in mind that popularity is not a sign the healer is right for you.


The best healers are also spiritual psychologists. These people can link your current behaviours with the bigger picture. By understanding a situation we can learn the lesson from it, we can gain peace of mind by understanding it and we are armed with the conscious knowledge to correct our behaviours that contributed to the problem in the first place. Here is a great example (video) of this with Matt Kahn helping a lady.

Not all healers have this psychological skill. For example, some Energy Workers can provide powerful body healings but may not be able to tell us that, for example, our rejection of our mother is causing us back pain. If we miss this information, we may continue to reject our mum and bring on the back pain again. Simply ask your prospective healer if they can give you insights into your behaviours and life situations linked to your past, karma, beliefs and feelings.

“Sessions should be healing and a self discovery”

Ultimately a session is not only about the healing but includes a guided self-discovery for improving our own self-awareness, as self-awareness is part of the true healing process.


Trust your feelings about a healer and set clear intentions or send prayers out to the universe, to bring you to the right person at the right time in your life. Sometimes healers can come in different guises, such as a stray dog, a gentle word from a stranger or the sun setting through the trees. Try and be open to how support reaches you.

About Healing in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a mini alternative healing hub in the South East Asia circuit (Ubud Bali – Chiang Mai – India) hosting a variety of seasonal and permanent practitioners. Tourists come to Chiang Mai and unexpectedly discover the opportunities for growth and many spontaneously take advantage of these services which are offered at a fraction of the cost back home. (Most practitioners charge between 2000 to 3000 baht a session).

Published: January 2014