Meeting Your Past Lives

Past Lives

How They Affect You Now

An understanding of past lives can help you clear difficult emotional blockages in this life. However, it is not necessary to believe in past lives to in order to benefit from this healing approach, and I often tell my doubtful clients to see it as a symbolic healing tool.

Past life is the notion that we have a soul, our essence in spirit, and this soul is able to reincarnate into worlds at various times, where each incarnation is chosen to offer a soul a specific blue print of experiences, opportunities specifically chosen for a soul for a given lifetime.

In each life we have lived we have played a different character, experiencing all the ups and downs each life has had to offer us. However, past lives begin to influence other lives when trauma or feelings have not been cleared in that life time. A more traditional way of viewing this is called Karma, where the unresolved aspects from one life touch other lives, seeking balance and resolution.

What this means is that we may experience issues in this life that actually originate from another life time, as all our actions seek resolution, regardless in which life time we have performed the action. What this means is that we can never avoid our issues, we can only postpone them for a different life time.

“Issues need to be addressed in
their originating life time”

If we have an issue that originates from a past life it can be frustratingly difficult to clear because we logically try and resolve the issue as if it were from this lifetime, thereby not addressing it at its source, that is, in its own lifetime. A great example of this comes from Dr. Brian Weiss’s book, “Many Lives, Many Masters” where he reportedly worked with a patient for 2 years as a traditional psychotherapist with little results. One day his patient spontaneously regressed into a past life and this allowed her to start her healing process and opened Dr. Brian’s awareness to past life healings.

To illustrate the grip from past life issues, here are some real life examples from my work.

A client was having constant relationship issues with her male partner. Through the session it was revealed that she was his mother in a previous life and that she had abandoned him. Her soul felt guilty for this and her partner was clinging onto her in this life because he was afraid she would abandon him again, as she had in the previous life. Also in their past life together he was still demanding to be loved and recognised as her son. When we cleared her feelings of guilt, offered her love and recognition more deeply to her son, sincerely spoke from her heart to her son, telling him that even when she left him she was still his mum; a huge peace descended on her. Later she wrote to tell me that her relationship had improved dramatically, there seemed to be more space and respect for each other.

“Unresolved past life issues are recreated”

I found that past life issues are often re-created in this life, offering us a fresh opportunity to clear them. Here is an example of a re-created situation from a past life.

An expat in Thailand had fierce illogical fears that just stuck with him for years about renewing his Thai visa. In a session it was revealed that he had a past life where he was forcefully taken away from a country that he loved dearly and could never return back to it. When we cleared the pain of being removed from a country he loved and the feelings of missing this country, the fears that he would forcefully be removed from Thailand disappeared.

What I have seen is just how easy it is to shift these issues by addressing them in the correct life time. The emotions experienced from that life time are very real for the person as they are released during the session, even if their mind doesn’t understand it. Even my clients who don’t believe in past lives have said that they felt much better after the session and somehow the past life story fitted with the issues they were facing today.

“Often our serious issues are a mixture of past life disturbances coupled with today’s distortions”

Very often the big issues we are facing are a mixture of our own distortions from today coupled with past life issues, and thus require us to ‘go deeper’ and connect ourselves not only to unresolved feelings in this life but also in past life(s), in order to truly clear our stuff.

How Can this Help You?

If you find you are experiencing illogical negative emotions or issues that won’t clear, one possible solution is to question if they are connected to past life issues. Take a sincere moment to ask yourself if this issue is related to a past life. Listen to how your body, how your intuition responds.

While intuition is extremely helpful there are also some obvious signs to look out for when trying to uncover if an issue is connected to a past life. A strong indicator is when our issue doesn’t clear despite all the conventional things we have tried. Another indicator is when we are triggered, evoking such strong negative emotions that defy all logical understanding. Also another sign is when we experience negative feelings that seem to be totally unconnected with our current life; they just seem to come out of nowhere.

How to clear your own past life issues is another article in itself, but a search on the internet can reveal meditations for clearing past lives as well as other techniques, and of course services offered by experienced past life practitioners such as ourselves at Releasing Hypnosis.

Published: April 2015