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Couples Therapy | Chiang Mai | Online

Couples can suffer terribly when their relationship has deteriorated and they often feel they are unable to pull their relationship back together, with their ability to openly communicate with each other lost along the way. This is where we can help!

Reconnect Again

reConnect AgainWe are exceptional emotional feelers and readers and we can thus ensure that each person’s feelings are clearly and safely expressed, without blame or judgment.

As many people have troubles with their own feelings, they find it even more difficult to truly feel the feelings of the other, and so as true empaths we can help the other to truly acknowledge their partner by not just hearing them but to feel them and their feelings too.

Back to Love

We remain completely neutral and unbiased in our sessions, ensuring each person can express themselves and their feelings, while helping the other to hear and feel what their partner is expressing, thereby helping couples reconnect and rekindle their relationship.

We also draw on our combined 35 years plus of experience as releasing therapists, enabling us to offer clear guidance and suggestions in each session, giving couples a road map on how to cultivate their relationship and bring back the love for each other.


“He brought us back together!”

“The shift we needed, we could take ownership of our own stuff and stop blaming each other.”

“With his guidance, we could suspend for a moment the stories we told ourselves and instead stop and truly listen and feel each other, a process that brought us out of our rut. I am so grateful we could rebuild our relationship again.”