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... set your self free

Spiritual Healer | Energy Therapist

Specialized in rapidly clearing negative emotions and thinking patterns, disturbing habits, poor health and Past Life issues.

Releasing can resolve your unhappiness

Are you unhappy?

Family or relationship issues?

Feeling depressed,
traumatized or down?

Are you repeating behaviors,
thoughts & feelings from the past?


Releasing Can Be the Answer for You

Releasing works fast by directly accessing the truth within your body to clear the root cause of your problems, supporting you to free yourself of poor health, negative - emotions, thinking patterns, addictions, habits and old belief systems, which may have been unconscious. Our Releasing approach is fully comprehensive, addressing all areas in your life including unresolved issues from childhood, dysfunctional relationships as well as past lifetimes.


We complement the Releasing with a style of Hypnosis that is non-threatening and without trance, perfect for enhancing self-healing and for conducting online sessions.

How does it work?

At the start of the session you will be guided into a receptive state similar to meditation. Using our psychic and empathy skills, we will guide you to connect and release your conscious and unconscious negative feelings, habits and beliefs, by utilizing a progression of spoken statements.


The Results

In just one session you will release a tremendous amount of negative energy from your life; the releasing can be so strong it feels like electricity moving through the body. Through this Releasing process the energy meridians in your body will also be open and cleared, which allows your body to begin deeply healing any health issues you may be currently experiencing.

After the session you will notice that your negative thinking has gone, your negative habits and beliefs will have considerably weakened or will have completely disappeared and you will feel much lighter, calmer, with a clearer sense of purpose and direction in life.


You will also understand where the emotional disturbances originally came from and how they have affected your current life. This gives you a clearer perspective on current and past events and allows you to feel a deeper sense of peace and well being.

Chiang Mai

We offer affordable, personalized healings in Chiang Mai, North Thailand. Not planning a trip to Thailand soon, then take advantage of our exclusive offer of a free no obligation 30min online trial healing.



“Very powerful and dramatic since I released some deep and strong emotions and experienced big shifts. I feel much more  open, relaxed  and at peace with myself.” - Fla G.

“Skype sessions have proven to be just as effective as the in person meetings” - Sabine K.

“Healing my soul and finding peace while getting an understanding of my inner self. Now I feel more at ease and have a better understanding of who I am.” - Soren M.