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Releasing Hypnosis Thailand Located at
Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Phone: (+66) 086 911 2356
Are You Stuck?
Releasing & Hypnosis clears your problems at the root rapidly by accessing the truth directly in your body.

Helping You

in healing fears, anxiety, anger, sadness, confusion, insomnia and depression. Also healing painful emotions, internal struggles, clearing personal relationship issues, healing negative habits and addictions, restoring health and removing
limiting beliefs.


Feel Better

Releasing coupled with hypnosis lets you feel relieved,

stable, calm, peaceful, a sense of clarity and a trust that

comes with greater awareness.


and Detox

Detoxing, then Releasing is an ideal holistic therapy to support you in quickly clearing all the unresolved emotions that arise during your detox. 




“A life changing experience... just one hour helped me more than
my many years of therapy. Thanks for enabling me to get my
life back and start living again.” 
- John D.


“Healing my soul and finding peace while getting an understanding of
 my inner self. Now I feel more at ease and have a better
understanding of who I am.” 
- S. Madsen


Very powerful and dramatic since I released some deep and strong emotions and experienced big shifts. I feel much more open,
relaxed and at peace with myself.” 
- Fla G.



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