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Healing with Releasing

Releasing Can Be the Answer for You


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Releasing works fast by directly accessing the truth within your body to clear the root cause of your problems, supporting you to free yourself of poor health, negative emotions, addictions and old belief systems, which may have been unconscious.

How does it work?

First, you will be guided into a receptive state similar to meditation. Using our clairvoyant and channeling abilities, we can assist you in identifying energy blocks in order to release them. This will help you connect with your own inner joy and guidance.

Releasing is more comprehensive to let you truly come to peace.Releasing, developed by Isa and Ruth Lindwall, is similar in some respects to Regression or Past Life Therapy, read our article to learn more about “How Past Lives Affect you Now.”

However, Releasing is importantly more comprehensive as it also addresses unresolved issues from childhood, dysfunctional relationships and negative habits as well as the past lifetimes, all of which can affect us strongly in the present. Releasing thus has a profoundly positive effect on our life.

The sessions are divinely guided, which makes Releasing a gentle yet very effective healing experience. Each session is approximately two hours.


Jean-Paul complements the Releasing healing with Hypnosis, so that the power of your subconscious mind is engaged to provide self-healing.

The Results

You will understand where the emotional disturbances originally came from and how they have affected your current life. This gives you a clearer perspective on current and past events and allows you to feel a deeper sense of peace and well being.


Doing a detox in Chiang Mai or a detox in Koh Samui, Releasing should be part of your program to ensure you completely clear all the emotional toxins that are emerging during your detox process. Learn more.

Not in Thailand?

We also conduct sessions via Skype or the telephone.

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Releasing Hypnosis for a better life.