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About Healing Chiang Mai

Healing in Chaing Mai Thailand

Healing Chiang Mai Overview

Chiang Mai has become a small alternative healing hub, hosting a variety of permanent and seasonal alternative practitioners.

Tourists are often surprised as to how much is on offer here and upon such a discovery take advantage of these services which are offered at a fraction of the cost back home.

For a small and cosy city Chiang Mai has many holistic healers and offers various practises that can support you in your well being and spiritual growth.

For an overview of what is on offer in Chiang Mai for you,
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Healing Chiang Mai with Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul is based in Chiang Mai and can help you to clear yourself of any mental, emotional, habitual and physical disturbances at their root cause by using a unique Releasing approach. Sessions are combined with Hypnosis to engage the healing power of your mind.

He also offers Reiki healings, Soul Guidance sessions and holds Spiritual Talks and at various times conducts workshops in Chiang Mai.