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Releasing works fast by directly accessing the truth within your body to clear the root cause of your problems, supporting you to free yourself of poor health, negative emotions, addictions and old belief systems, which may have been unconscious. The sessions are divinely guided, which makes Releasing a gentle yet very effective healing experience.

A Comprehensive Therapy  and Healing Approach

Releasing was initially developed by Isa and Ruth Lindwall, and is a mixture of both healing, and therapy or counseling. It requires the use of our intuitive gifts and while the Releasing healing modality is the backbone to our healing approach we also draw on the strengths from conventional therapies utilizing a range of modalities including, but not limited to:

 Chair Therapy Chair Therapy

(grief and anger resolution with another)

 Counseling Counseling

(open questioning and feedback)

 Hypnosis Therapy Hypnosis

(Jean-Paul uses techniques from hypnosis to apply self healing)

 Inner Child Work Inner Child Work

(healing the wounds from childhood)


(Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques)

 Parts Therapy Parts Therapy

(healing parts of ourselves that are in trauma or not integrated)

 Visualization Visualization

(to access the subconscious mind and emotional blockages)

Unsure what the difference is between healing, therapy or counseling, then read here.

Heal Faster

One of the key reasons a Releasing therapy and healing session is faster than conventional approaches is because it is not limited to “evidence based therapy”.

“A life changing experience... just one hour helped me more
than my many years of therapy” - John D.

That is, utilizing our empath or intuitive skills during a session, we may pick up for example, limiting beliefs or negative emotions without having had any prior evidence that they existed. That is, we are guided to uncover what the root disturbance is without the person having had any awareness of this. After all, half the problem is knowing what the problem is, and we can uncover this very quickly.

As holistic and alternative healers, it is our empathy skills (feeling a person's feelings as if it was their own) and our intuitive or psychic skills that sets us apart from traditional or technique orientated healers, therapists and counselors; for although these empathy and intuitive/psychic skills can be practiced, invariably they can not be taught to those who don't perceive information in this way. What this means for you is that we can help you with a broader set of approaches and it also allows us to be in tune with you and guide you much deeper into your psyche; thereby promoting a faster healing process.

Spiritual Perspective

What enables us to be so effective in our therapy and healing sessions is our deep spiritual connection, which doesn't require you to be religious or consider yourself on a spiritual path.

It is by drawing on this spiritual perspective that enables us to clear your past lives, an approach that is typically missed in traditional therapies, and is thus one of our cornerstone approaches that allows us to help you in a wider and deeper context. 


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It is this same spiritual perspective that also allows us to help people who feel they are on a religious or spiritual journey to further their progress, see how releasing can help your spiritual path.

Past Lives

Often our bigger issues are a mixture of past life disturbances coupled with today's distortions, and these past life disturbances need to be cleared by addressing them in their originating life time. Often we can have issues that don't seem to clear and it is precisely because of these underlying past life disturbances, which need to be addressed first before we can go on to clear the present day issues.

Fortunately clearing past life disturbances or “Past Life Regression” works wonderfully regardless if the person believes in past lives or not. Typically we recommend people who find it hard to accept the concept of past lives to simply see the process as a symbolic healing tool.

Importantly our past life clearing approach works consistently because we intuitively guide you into the past life that needs to be addressed and cleared. That is, we can see your past life and the issues it presents to you today.

This is in stark contrast to the typical hypnotherapy approach where the hypnotherapist asks the client, once they are in a form of trance, to go back to a past time that requires healing. For various reasons the client will often fail to regress to a past life and thus it is a bit like the blind leading the blind. That is the hypnotherapist has no idea what the past life is that needs to be addressed and neither does the client.


Jean-Paul complements the Releasing healing with Hypnosis, so that the power of your subconscious mind is engaged to provide self-healing.

In a Releasing Session

At the start of the session, you will be guided into a receptive state similar to meditation or hypnosis. Utilizing our clairvoyant and empathy skills, we will then begin to assist you in clearing energy blocks, by utilizing a progression of spoken statements, which connects you to your conscious and unconscious feelings, beliefs and behaviors, enabling you to release any negativity or unprocessed disturbances. It is by releasing what is not essentially you that allows you to connect more fully with your own inner joy and guidance.

As the session progresses we may need to do a past life clearing or utilize other healing modalities like inner child work, all depending on how we can serve you best in brining out your essential happiness.

The Results

A Releasing therapy and healing session has a profoundly positive effect on our life. You will understand where the negative disturbances originally came from and how they have affected your current life. This gives you a clearer perspective on current and past events and allows you to feel a deeper sense of peace and overall well being.

In short, a Releasing session allows you to connect more to your heart and experience more love, joy and peace in your daily life. Our testimonials highlight the ways in which we have greatly helped people live a more fulfilled and richer life.

Session Length

As alternative and holistic healers we believe that a session should only be about your healing process. That is, we are not watching the clock, but rather the session ends after we have released everything that is possible to clear in that session. Thus based on our healer's philosophy our sessions tend to be a little longer than most, in order to allow you to fully relax and deeply connect and clear. Each session is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

How We Can Help You

Our therapy and healing approach is comprehensive, addressing unresolved issues from childhood, dysfunctional relationships and negative habits as well as past lifetimes, all of which can affect us strongly in the present.

We specialize in dealing with fears, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief, confusion, abandonment, rejection, depression, insomnia, infidelity, negative beliefs, emotional abuse, sexual and physical abuse, toxic thought pattens, internal struggles, relationship issues, sexuality, lack of motivation, lack of life purpose, poor health, personality disintegration, negative habits and addictions.

Please contact us if you are uncertain if we can help you.

Who is Releasing Suitable for

A Releasing therapy and healing session is suitable for almost anyone wishing to heal and we work with all ages.

English a Problem?

A reasonable level of English is helpful but not necessary. We have given powerful sessions to non English speaking clients with an interpreter present, who typically is a friend or a family member.

Doing a Detox?

Doing a detox in Chiang Mai or in Koh Samui, a Releasing therapy and healing session should be part of your program to ensure you completely clear all the emotional toxins that are emerging during your detox process. Learn more about how releasing can improve your detox.

Not in Thailand?

We give Releasing therapy and healing in Chiang Mai and Koh Samui, but we also conduct sessions via Skype or on the telephone.

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Releasing therapy and healing Chiang Mai