Spiritual Workshops Life Constellations

Spiritual Workshops Life Constellations

Life Constellations Workshop in Chiang Mai

Life Constellations Workshop | Dates

Based on the Family Constellations format, Life Constellations utilises the group’s collective healing power to support a deep positive change. It is a powerful way to clear unresolved issues and feelings with family members, partners, friends or colleagues and is truly a moving experience for all participants. Experience your own healing in the ‘Knowing-Field’ by representing for another or by having your own constellation explored.

Setting-up the Knowing Field

A person presents an issue to be resolved, lets call them the nominee. The nominee then asks the workshop participants if they would represent people in the nominee’s life that are connected to the issue. For example, in a family situation, a workshop participant could represent either a mum, a dad, their sibling or possibly their grandparent or relative, even if the person has died years ago or is unknown to the nominee. In this way every one involved in the issue is represented including the nominee, so that the nominee can have an opportunity to view the situation from a fresh perspective.

The nominee then asks the representatives to stand in the ‘Healing Circle’  sometimes referred to as the ‘Knowing Field’, face certain directions and then share their experiences. It truly is amazing how each representative clearly feels how it is for that person being represented, for example, feeling how the nominee’s mum feels.

“I received so many important insights from the workshop,
both from watching my own situation
and from participating in others' situations.
                                                                      - Melissa”

The Healing

Directed by the facilitator, the representatives will be asked to stand in different places within the field to allow new dynamics to be experienced, felt, acknowledged and thus healed. Representatives will also be asked by the facilitator to repeat healing sentences, such as “I truly hear you”, in order to clear any negative emotions or beliefs held by and or between the representatives. In this way it is very similar to the Releasing work we do in their private sessions.

“Your healing is my healing Too.”

In an uncanny way the participants are also healed through this process, as very often the issue they are helping to clear for the nominee is in some way related to an issue they are facing.

The constellation ends when the nominee’s feelings and understandings have reached a sense of peace and completion.

“The energy is so tangible and beautiful
it is usual for tears to appear.”

Some Life Constellations Examples


nominee doesn’t understand their partner, especially due to  cultural and language barriers


a nominee never had a good relationship with her mum


a nominee doesn’t understand why they don’t feel good with his/her colleagues after all these years


a nominee wants to understand a significant dream, participants can represent people, animals or symbols in the dream to uncover it’s message


nominee has an addictive behavioral problem such as alcohol


nominee never had a chance to express their true feelings to someone who has departed


a nominee can not decide where to live, in this example, one of the participants will represent a place rather than a person

Workshop Dates

      Sunday 19th October 2014, with Jean-Paul
      10am to 1pm at Kalyanamit (KCCA)

      Sunday 23th November 2014, with Jean-Paul and Rj
      10am to 1pm at Kalyanamit (KCCA)

      Sunday 21st December 2014, with Jean-Paul and Rj
      10am to 1pm at Kalyanamit (KCCA)


As only a small number of constellations are possible per workshop, if you would like to have your Life Constellation explored then please reserve your place with Jean-Paul to avoid disappointment.