Spiritual Workshops Divine Intuition

Spiritual Workshops Divine Intuition

A Happier Life Guided by Divine Intuition

Divine Intuition Workshop Chiang Mai

Uncertain of your life path? Find it difficult
to make life choices? Would you like to
break your own negative habits and
repetitive negative feelings?


If you want to empower yourself or
strengthen your intuitive abilities,
this workshop is for you.

Empowering You

A Happier Life Guided by Divine Intuition Workshop aims to empower you to live a happier life by confidently listening and following your own intuitive guidance.

This workshop is all about building your intuitive muscle, allowing you to trust your own inner guidance so that you can easily make life choices and follow your life path, heal yourself and connect more fully to the love and the divine in your life.

The workshop is based on practise and feedback, allowing you to gain practical experience in hearing your divine guidance, that is quickly verified with feedback. Feedback is important because it enables you to grow in confidence to trust the intuitive information presented to you.

In this Workshop

You will practise hearing the divine guidance in a series of group exercises that allows for instant feedback as to the accuracy of the guidance received. We support you in uncovering your intuitive abilities and guide you in interpreting and verifying the information you receive.


2 hours

Workshop Dates

      Saturday 17th December 2016

      10am to 12pm


      Saturday 7th January 2017

      10am to 12pm


To better facilitate your workshop
experience please confirm if your attending.