Do I have Psychic Powers?

A Guide to Intuitive Development

Do you have psychic powers?Have you ever asked “Do I have psychic powers?” or “How do I develop my intuition?”.

Intuition is a natural skill we were all born with. Some of us seem to have a greater talent for it than others, just like some people are naturally more talented in sport, yet we all posses this ability to some degree.

Often young children are open to their intuitive and psychic powers. It is not uncommon for them to express their experiences to adults about imaginary friends, fairies and so forth. Many of us grew out of this connection to our intuition due to denial of our experiences i.e. – we ignored our gifts because we were frequently told that what we saw or felt was not real, it was in our imagination etc.

But here is the good news, for what I have noticed with myself and many of my clients is that when we are in our adult years the reconnection with this gift can start again and people begin to remember the experiences they had blocked out when they were a child.

Intuitive information typically comes through a particular channel such as through sight or visions (Clairvoyance), sound (Clairaudience), feelings (Clairsentience), or dreams. Usually, most people understand their intuitive information by just knowing it, a feeling of just knowing what the answer is (Clairsentience). Psychic powers refers to intuitive information received via the 3rd eye, which includes clairvoyance and the ability to channel.

“Like any skill, practise makes perfect”

So how to develop your intuitive ability? Like any skill, the more we use it the better we become at it. So, what ever form your intuition currently is, start practising it every day. I often suggest to people to start by predicting certain events that have no consequence. For example, when the phone rings, checking to know who it is before picking up the phone, or checking to know if you have post before you visit the letter box. It is important to practise your intuitive skill where you can quickly verify the outcome, such as when the telephone rings. Practising, for example, by predicting someone’s life in 5 years is not information you can quickly or easily verify.

I have noticed that as we focus more on our intuitive messages, the ways in which the messages are delivered begins to expand. For example, I mostly got messages via the feeling and dream mode, but over the last years that has branched out into clairvoyance and more recently clairaudience.

Knowing when it is your intuition and not wishful thinking simply takes practise and through practise comes confidence and trust.

“Intuition is like a torch that can guide our path”

Intuition or psychic power is, in my opinion, the divine torch that guides us on our path. It is a key in our hands to access and follow the truth.




Published: November 2013